fotoin_11Convention FAEVyT - SEPYME

Thanks to this agreement, FAEVyT offers assistance to travel agencies and tourism companies in order to hire a technical advisor to the achievement of improved competitiveness

, Product and process innovation, upgrade in technology and quality certifications through a Project Management.

Ex: Collaboration fees of the professionals involved in the project, design and construction of stands, purchase of equipment and hardware and software licenses, etc..

NEWS 2012

We are coordinating the Agenda 2012 visits corresponding to the Access to Credit and Competitiveness for SMEs-PACC.

In this sense, we need to send us the proposal of two alternative dates for the holding of the meeting at that venue, as well as the estimated travel agencies that participate estimated amount, considering the following mechanism for the realization arranged meetings :

Conducting a, informative, usually meeting about two hours, for which the participating Travel Agencies should have prior knowledge of the program is expected. In this sense, a briefing is attached, so it can be circularized between Associates with the invitation to attend the meeting.

Following that meeting, they will conduct individualized with travel agencies wishing to enter the program interviews. To access this interview, Travel Agencies must first submit Form A, duly completed, which may advance the following email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



What the PACC?

The PACC is a program SEPYME with IDB funds, whereby SMEs can receive state aid to meet their targets for improvements in competitiveness, innovation in products and processes, scale up the technology and quality certifications through the recruitment of technical assistance.

What requirements must complete an SME to be a beneficiary of the PACC?

Be natural or legal persons deprived

  • Owning two or more years of verifiable economic activity
  • Being based in Argentina
  • Enlist the Unique Tax Identification Number (CUIT)
  • Have enabled checking account
  • No tax or social security debts possess due to the AFIP
  • There have greater foreign participation 49%
  • Do not be late resellers of imported products more than 25% of its total turnover
  • Not belong to the areas of brokerage, financial, insurance and legal professionals essentially provide services and / or accounting. Except the services belonging to the sectors of education, health and tourism
  • Qualify as SMEs (25.300 law) following the table of sales, according to the sector in which the company is registered

Average Sales 3 recent years

  • Under the PACC project called Business Development Projects (PDE)
  • The technical assistance and eligible activities are those that the SME can contract with outside consultants in order to improve the profitability of your business
  • The maximum execution time of all project activities may not exceed one year from the approval of the project by the SEPYME.
  • Projects should be developed and structured by the formulator, the company and consultants selected company
  • Activities to develop should have a consistency and integrity with the challenge of competitiveness and SMEs requires SEPYME required. To do the FAEVyT puts an expert who formulates the PDE We have presented 40 PACC, related website, integrated management system to the web, implementations and quality certifications, Gide design and construction of stands for trade shows, market research, MKT and communication plans, etc.

What rebates (ANR) and what expenses does the PACC?

PACC intends SMEs to meet their own development objectives, and may receive refunds (ANR) that allow them to cover the following:

Formulation of the project: Refund of fees for hiring a consultant to develop the project, up to $ 4000

Technical drawback: 60% of the fees of the professionals involved in the project. If the project involves improvements to the environment the percentage of reimbursement amounts to 80%.

It can be used to 50% of reimbursement for manufacturing molds, prototypes and construction of stands.

For purchase of equipment and hardware and software licenses can be used to 35% of the refund.

Expenditures transfers consultants, to 5% of the refund.

Expenditures certifications: The reimbursement of expenses certifications before notaries, accountants and professional associations will be up to $ 1.000 by PDE.

For IT projects: The acquisition of licenses associated with the implementation of software and hardware will be recognized until 35% of ANR