Control in the city of La Plata

La Plata

The Argentina Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism discloses that, on the occasion of complaints submitted in a timely AAAVYT LA PLATA in relation to the illegal marketing of tour packages, the 10 last July inspectors from the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation noted in that various city infringers to Art. 1 18829 ° of the Law and Art. 29 ° Decree 2182 / 72, for operating without a qualifying license.

The complaints were as follows, namely:Mr. Pedro Garropoli, Reed Travel and Tourism,  Mr. Nicolas Moretti and theAssociation Pugliesede La Plata, Which advertised national and international tour packages.

In all cases the act of infringement in intimating to those mentioned for the immediate cessation of all tourist activity as well as to refrain from any advertising linked to tourism styled himself. These records are now held by the Department of Summaries for the prosecution of the relevant procedures.

Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism welcomed the assistance provided by Mr. Fabian Lattanzio, President of the Regional LA PLATA, expressing willingness to continue working together for the benefit of the sector.



Control Campaign

Mar del Plata

With the presence in the city of Mar del Plata of the Director Control Area Travel Agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Dr. Ricardo Maldonado and a corps of inspectors under the Control Agreement signed by the AAAVYT, took place from 14 to 16 July passed a Travel Control Campaign, which included inspections of institutions and individuals engaged in tourism services intermediation without being framed within the law and closures from these irregularities.

These audits were supported AAAVYT of Mar del Plata and Southeast, both the detection and the provision of information, as well as logistics. In this regard, the Regional thanks all its partners for their collaboration in the detection of irregularities.

As part of this campaign, those officials meetings were held with officials of the AAAVYT Mar del Plata and the Municipal Tourism Entity-EMTUR-in order to continue working on joint action to provide security to travelers in their hiring and travel experiences.

A meeting with the Director of Jurisdiction PAMI Mar del Plata and area, due to bringing you the scope of the legislation and have committed to transmitting these guidelines to senior centers and associated with this agency also took place.



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