All partners FAEVyT backed the institution that looks after their interests and legal certainty, constant training and professional excellence that must be exercised activity. In compliance with these principles, the FAEVyT offers its partners the following services:

  • Institutional representation.
    To government agencies and private entities tourism.

  • institutional endorsement.
    FAEVyT places special emphasis on noting that its partners are working seriously and responsibly, respecting the Code of Ethics of the institution and ensuring the quality of tourism services provided.

  • Professional defense.
    To be valued and respected activity, FAEVyT accompanies its partners in all instances and created an instrument to channel complaints, compile background and raising the information to the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation. That instrument is called Transgressions Verifier.

  • Moreover, the institution exercises-for delegation of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation-the Registration suited. This is granted by the appropriate rating 18829 Act provides that any travel agency must have a proper tourism. It is intended thereby ensuring that the agencies have to specialized technical personnel recognized professional qualificationsWith the aim of both the Ministry of Tourism and the institution providing the best performance of travel agencies and protect tourists. In short, you tend thereby promote self-control of the factors that shape the tourist market.

  • Legal, Legal and Tax Advice
    The company has a group of advisers premier (legal - legal - tax) with extensive experience in the analysis of the problems being experienced Travel Agencies and Tourism.

  • Training and Professional Development
    The formation is promoted with the conviction that it is the right tool that will achieve appropriate quality standardsWithin parameters that include the environmental sustainability. The Annual Training Plan and Update, and various courses and seminars are held throughout the year are a contribution of the entity to the professional excellence of its partners.

  • Procedures and various steps:
    • Processing of Visas
      We simplify management associated with the respective consulates.
    • Afianzamientos
      We perform sureties to the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.

  • Participation in Events. The annual conference, which addresses topics of great interest and relevance to the sector which is open to partners access under special conditions field, actively participating with their proposals and suggestions.

    In the La Rural in Buenos Aires, year after year FIT -International Fair of Tourism of Latin America's most important sign of the Southern Cone Sector it is made. Partners FAEVyT are especially invited to participate, as exhibitors, visitors or receiving preferential treatment to facilitate their work during the days of the Fair.

  • Internet presence
    Through the Web 2.0, communication and access to own and associated data, with a quick and easy to use navigation easier. The new platform is participatory, flexible, functional and adds to the incorporation of social networks, Facebook and Twiter, reporting the latest developments of tourism and receptan suggestions and opinions, to always be a step ahead.

  • Other benefits
    agreements with private institutions subscribe regularly, convinced that they benefit and facilitate the task of partners. Today are existing agreements with:
    • Mutual Tourism Association,
    • Comprehensive Insurance Office of Tourism Agencies,
    • Compulsory insurance Life Insurance and Technical,
    • Agreements with Suppliers Management System for Travel Agencies and Supplies.

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