The Ministry of Tourism and Protected Areas of Chubut, headed by Néstor Garcia, recalls that only agencies specially authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation can offer student tourism. These companies must have a branch or a marketing company in Chubut to offer their services within the province.

“In the face of new scams in other provinces during the last days, it is important that all parents are alert to take the necessary precautions. The safety of the children is essential before hiring a tourist service, so it is important that everyone takes into account the obligation that a student tourism agency, which sells trips in the province, has a marketing branch in Chubut, ”he said Minister Garcia.

According to the Student Tourism Law, the agencies are required to hold the National Certificate of Authorization for Student Tourism Agencies and, according to the legislation, “they must at least have a branch or a marketing agency within each of the / s province / s where they intend to carry out commercial actions ”.

To avoid fraudulent contracts and protect the integrity of children as passengers and travel as a product, the Ministry of Tourism and Protected Areas of Chubut recommends:

- Ensure that the agency is authorized in the national list on the web

- Confirm - on the same website - that the agency has a commercial headquarters in Chubut.

- To confirm that the services included are detailed in the contract with the agency: transportation, accommodation, meals, excursions, and medical and travel assistance insurance.

- Make sure that the contract includes the data of all service providers: types, categories, qualities, duration; In addition to the date of departure of the group, number of students that compose it, hotel where they will be housed, restaurants and modes of transport to use.

- Do not accept contracts with the legend "and / or similar or equivalent" when referring to a service. The provider must be specified.

Zero fee and coordinators

The Law establishes a student tourism trust fund, which functions as insurance against any inconvenience the agency has to comply with the contract. That fund is created with the “zero fee”, which represents 6 percent of the value of the trip and is the first fee paid. The zero quota can only be issued by authorized agencies.

Promoters and coordinators are also required to be within a National Registry, and the Law establishes the number of coordinators per passenger. For a trip of graduates, it is one every 35 people, and for a study trip two every 60 students, also accompanied by two teachers from the educational institution. Agencies must also take out personal accident insurance that covers the life and disability of each passenger. The insurance must cover all passengers from the beginning of the trip until the end.

Authorized Agencies

As of November 8, 2019, the agencies authorized to commercialize student tourism within Chubut are: in Puerto Madryn, Argentina Vision, South Wind, Chucao, Mas Travel, and All Peninsula Valdés; in Trelew, I could Travel, Re-Kreo Travel, and Mas Travel; in Comodoro Rivadavia, Chaltén Travel and Tourism Agency, Forma Travel, and Extremo Comodoro; in Esquel, Green Patagonia; and in Lago Puelo, Bolsón Tour.

To check everything you need to know before hiring a trip, it is recommended to visit the website On the other hand, the list of student tourism travel agencies authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation can be found at