19/08/2015 - The last long weekend hotel occupancy reached 83,6%, with an estimated number of 9.825 people staying, preferably in 3 and 4 star hotels.

source photo: PulsoTurístico.com.ar

According to the data obtained by the Tourist Observatory under the Department of Tourism of the Municipality of Córdoba, in the last long weekend corresponding to the holiday for the anniversary of the death of General San Martín, hotel occupancy reached 83,6% with an estimated number of lodged 9.825 people, preferably in 3 and 4 star hotels. In addition, in holiday colonies in the city, the occupancy reached 62,9%, with an estimated number of 997 people.

The measurement was made taking into account the period from May 15 to 16 inclusive, that is, about 2 nights and, in that sense, the average overnight stay was 1,8 nights compared to hotels and 1,4 nights in colonies .

It should be noted that the percentage of occupancy corresponding to this long weekend exceeded that of 2014, which was 79,3%, with an average overnight stay of 1,9 nights.

The inquiries received at the Tourist Information Office amounted to 381, 303 corresponding to Argentine tourists and 78 to foreign tourists. Argentine visitors came mainly from Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe, while foreigners arrived mainly from France, Brazil and Spain.

Font: PulsoTurístico.com.ar