19/08/2015 - According to the data provided by the Planning Department of the Ministry of Tourism of Mendoza, the long weekend accounted for a total of 29.700 tourists who arrived in the Province, with an average expenditure of $ 700 per person.

source photo: PulsoTurístico.com.ar

The figure is granted by the Planning Department of the Ministry of Tourism of Mendoza. Occupancy indicates 86% of occupied hotel beds and the average expenditure per tourist is estimated at $ 700 with a total income of approximately $ 61,5 million.

During the long weekend in which General José de San Martín's death is commemorated, Mendoza was one of the most chosen places by national tourists, the data collected based on permanent occupancy surveys in accommodation establishments throughout the province, He indicated that the general average of reserves for the entire province between August 14 and 17 would reach 77%, broken down as follows: Gran Mendoza 86%, High Mountain 95%, South 70%, Valle de Uco 55%, Luján and Maipú 65%.

In total 29.700 tourists arrived in the province, with an average stay of around 3 days and an average expenditure of $ 700, so the long weekend in commemoration of the Death of General San Martín would leave a total direct income for Mendoza of $ 61,5 million.

With respect to the origin of the visitors, 70% are national tourists from Buenos Aires and the Federal Capital, Córdoba, Santa Fe and neighboring provinces.

On the other hand, 16% of the tourists came from Chile, while the remaining 14% is distributed among tourists from other countries and provincial internal movement, that is to say, Mendoza who will travel within the province for the long weekend.

Font: PulsoTurístico.com.ar