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2020 Certificate of Strengthening

February 17, 2020 News Faevyt

Meeting at FITUR on the Country Tax

Jan 28, 2020 News Faevyt
Within the framework of the International Tourism Fair held between January 22 and 26 in the city of Madrid, the president of the FAEVYT, Gustavo Hani, and the secretary, Horacio Repucci, will…

Meeting with the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Jan 28, 2020 News Faevyt
FAEVYT president Gustavo Hani, Marcelo Marchetti of the Air Transport Commission and the executive director, Gerardo Belio, met with representatives of the International Air ...

COUNTRY TAX: FAEVYT MANAGEMENT ACHIEVEMENT: "Our commitment as a Federation is with all…

Jan 15, 2020 News Faevyt
According to the meetings held by our president Gustavo Hani and the FAEVYT team of leaders and advisors with different government representatives and entities involved in ...

The Night of the Houses of Province

November 29, 2019 News Faevyt
The 3rd edition of La Noche de las Casas de Provincia was held, a meeting that brought together the culture and identity of every corner of Argentina, in which the provinces offered proposals ...
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