IATA - Alerts System



Given the lack of updating by IATA of the system of preventive fraud alerts and the increase in the exchange rate, we would like to reiterate the importance of putting IATA on notice before any issue that exceeds the usual one made by your agency, and This mode prevents the alarms from being triggered by disconnecting (without any warning) the capacity of emission with all the inconveniences that this entails.

Since our FAEVYT Air Transport Commission we have repudiated this conduct and repeatedly raised our discrepancy with the untimely and extreme action by which IATA proceeds to disconnect the issuance of the agencies in those cases in which they observe a significant increase in the sale of tickets. While we continue insisting on the importance of reviewing this measure and adjusting it to the current reality of our currency, we reiterate that it is essential to provide sufficient advance notice of any atypical situation - particularly when it comes to emissions from groups - generating a case in the portal of the client and communicating, in addition, with the respective transporter to ensure that the same report, in a timely manner, to the local IATA office.

Air Transport Commission of FAEVYT