NEW FORM 960 / D

RG 4042 E


Validity from May 8 2017

outgoing provisions:

The travel and tourism companies operating with end users and are obliged to issue invoices or equivalent documents must display on their premises, Form No. 960 / D - "DATA FISCAL".

Will print personal details required to exhibit the subject, forms of payment and quick response code (QR)

Travel agencies must display the Form No. 960 / D - Data Fiscal - from the month of NOVEMBER 2017, When they fulfill the corresponding obligation to accept transfers of payment by debit cards, no bank prepaid cards or other means of payment equivalent, as established by General Resolution 3997-E.

For Form No. 960 / D- "Fiscal Data", it should enter service with Fiscal Code "Form No. 960 / D site" institutional web "(http // / 960)

It shall display a Form No. 960 / D "Fiscal Data" for each business address, which must be previously declared in the "Registry System" as local or establishment, except when it corresponds to the official address.

Its printing is performed on paper A4 size of not less than 80 grams weight and respecting their characteristics in terms of design, layout, sizes and colors. Also in pre-print form form, the obligation may display the information provided by the quick response code (QR), entering with the service called Form Fiscal Nº960 / D key.

Enunciative data quick response code (QR) that will be available on the institutional website are:

First and last name or company name


Developed activities

incomplete or invalid tax address

VAT status: Enrolled, Exempted, unreached

DDJJ VAT, submitted or not submitted

It is below the average VAT paid their economic sector

Situation in the Income Tax: Enrolled, Not registered, exempt

Profit affidavits submitted or not submitted

Monotributistas category ... .ingresos up to $ ....

Monotributo payments: It is up to date with their payments, date of last payment

Information DDJJ of monotributo, fulfilled or not fulfilled its presentation

DDJJ as an employer, submitted or not submitted

... declares employees in the period (month / year)

Registration of importers / exporters: it is discharged or is suspended

Closures had ...

Integra the basis of false invoices

Audits had with adjustments

It has criminal cases

Fiscal performance has trials pending and / or paralyzed

It included in the center of debtors BCRA

It has or has not authorized vouchers for afip