The Argentina Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism (FAEVyT) initiate legal proceedings against the measure taken by Aerolineas Argentinas to remove the air commissions paid to travel agents and tourism.

"This is an arbitrary measure that not only threatens the national tourism but also speaks of a clear disregard the operation of the tourism sector in Argentina. This is an action that seeks to promote market concentration and threatening 5.000 companies which means work, at least, of 25.000 families who will be directly affected by this decision - in any way - means savings for the airline but, on the contrary, a risk for the sector "said Fabrizio Di Giambattista, President of FAEVYT who also commented that the decision to resort to justice was taken unanimously by the Board of the Federation, composed of its 28 regional and sectoral partners FACVE (Argentine Forum Travel Consultants business); AAOVYT (Argentina Association of Travel and Tourism Operators) and AAETAV (Argentina Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism).

Also, from the Federation advanced that have the majority support of the tourist sector and, in this sense, today will have a meeting at the CAT (Argentina Chamber of Tourism) to define joint while actions that are moving along with the CMEA (Confederation Argentina of Medium enterprises) and CAC (Argentina Chamber of Commerce and Services) to analyze the situation that could involve the closure of 5.000 domestic companies.


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