FAEVYT statement - Low Commission Aerolineas Argentinas

Before the announcement by Aerolineas Argentinas to remove the air commissions paid to Travel Agencies and Tourism, the FAEVYT expressed all this measure affecting the tourism sector strongly rejected.

The entire initiative a cut that began earlier this year when Aerolineas Argentinas decided to reduce the 3% to 1% commissions generating a crisis in the sector today reinforces eliminating them completely. Given the gravity of the decision, arbitrary and unilateral, with a clear orientation toward market concentration and destruction of businesses and employment SMEs, the FAEVyT is studying the need to take action to stop this initiative strangling a sector in which they work more of 25.000 employees who provide sales services and counseling, pre and post trips, and sale of tourist services with the airline.

The impact of this measure taken so unseasonable, let the whole sector marketing clear competitive disadvantage monopoly is of the same company in the local commercial aviation market. The developed markets take measures to be applied in our country, whose trade regulations and tax pities nothing with those affects the sustainability and competitiveness of tourism to agencies contribute by their actions.

It is our duty to alert consumers about the impact of this measure to their interests. The same, violates the federal character that gives each of the more than 5000 retail outlets agencies located in all corners of the country by ensuring a transparent and competitive offer.

To that end next Wednesday December 14 under Commission Directive FAEVyT, with the participation of all the presidents of regions and sectors, they will determine the actions to follow.