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Since August 1 2014, by resolution 1226 / 14 of the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ), our institution has become Argentinade Federation Associations of Travel and Tourism. This transformation has completed a longing for many years of work, offering the possibility of giving greater value to the representation of business travel and tourism.

As our Regional Associations Federation will have a direct representation paving the way for an increasingly inclusive and participatory work allowing also associated with entities that co-operate with the travel and tourism agencies that may be incorporated as industry associations tourism sector.

Mission: To defend the interests and representing travel agencies: operators, wholesalers and retailers, both dedicated to outbound tourism, as receptive or domestic, any resulting specialization or activity, such as adventure tourism, ecological, sports and other specific; as well as to co-operate with Travel Agencies Sector Associations. Tending to the training and professional development so as to ensure excellence in the provision of tourism services for the benefit of the companies and users of these services. Perform actions to get as much information and data and better linkages with the formal sector and the various entities related to tourism to transform in the industry benchmark.

Values: Professionalism, reliability, efficiency, participation and inclusion.

Our history

During 63 years we play like Argentina Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism (AAAVYT), the representative body at the national level of the most important Travel Agencies and Tourism of Argentina; 28 composed of regional associations distributed throughout the national territory counting as partners with more than 1.800 Tour Operators and Travel Agencies around the country.

orderly reform and social status text was approved in August 2014 to play the AAAVYT is henceforth as Argentina Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism -FAEVYT.

Our main objectives are:

Study problems affecting tourism, collaborating in the search for appropriate solutions for the different problems, representing and defending the interests of its members.

Exercise strict control of the agencies and operators members, ensuring the maintenance of professional and business ethics in tourism.

Provide ongoing training to its partners, in order to achieve and they require the highest quality and excellence in the level of user services.


Ex Institutional Presidnetes  
SALVATIERRA Francisco 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
PEREZ, José Ventura 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
Abd El Jalil, Sabet 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
PEREZ, José Ventura 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
ZIROLLI, Mario Aldo 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
Geraghty Miguel 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
Verger Francois 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
PRATI, José Zelis 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
ASIS, Camilo 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
Rezzio, Roberto Raul 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
PEREZ, Carlos Alberto 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
TARANTO, David Santiago 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
Abd El Jalil, Sabet 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
Rezzio, Roberto Raul 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
BACHRACH, Pedro 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
DI Giambatista Ramon 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
COPERTARI Hugo Emiliano 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
PALACIOS, Marco 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
RYAN, Tomas 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
SANS, Alejandro 2006
Roza Ricardo 0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741



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