The Development and Financing Area of ​​FAEVYT announces the different support programs for entrepreneurs and SMEs that the Ministry of Production of the Nation and the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of the Nation makes available.

Fabricio Di Giambattista, president of the Argentine Federation of Travel and Tourism Business Associations, highlighted the importance of the new classification provided by the Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs of the Ministry of Production, which frames the commission agents - definition that groups together the travel agencies and tourism-, within the SME category adding the employee variable, allowing a more accurate and fair framing in the categorization of our sector.

"This is a measure that expresses the work done from Faevyt in conjunction with the Ministry of Production and the accompaniment of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, responding to the express request that we made for our travel agency sector. This new classification allows the recognition of travel agencies with a consideration more in line with the reality regarding the size of the companies based on their capacity to work as intermediaries, than with respect to billing, allowing the incorporation of a larger number of companies than can participate in benefits such as those promoted through the SME law among others. In this way, companies in the sector will be incorporated into the consideration of small and medium-sized companies where they can have greater entrepreneurial impulse in the activity, "said Di Giambattista.

This recognition, is the first of those we hope to achieve in the same direction, and motivates us and encourages more strongly to redouble the efforts of our management, to also recognize the status of intermediaries of travel agencies to reduce the aliquots of collection and withholding of taxes in particular of VAT and Gross Income and the reduction of the tax rate on applicable bank debits and credits among other issues not yet resolved


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The National Chamber of Commercial Appeals made the FAEVyT claim by ordering LATAM to continue paying the 1% commission as established until the 01.03.2017.

"This ruling responds to a fair demand from travel and tourism companies that, overnight, we find a decision that threatens all tourist activity demonstrating a clear ignorance of the operation of the sector. This is a first step that confirms that LATAM should continue to recognize the corresponding commissions, for which we understand that there is no reason why the rest of the airlines should not act in the same direction, "said Fabricio Di Giambattista, president of FAEVYT and added "Regrettably, we had to reach judicial instances that we would have liked to avoid, but there was no way to build bridges of dialogue despite our good predisposition. Now, with the failure of LATAM in hand, and reaffirming the obligation of airlines to pay for the service they receive from the agencies as a channel of commercialization, we understand that a new instance is opened that should benefit all parties "

FAEVyT also reiterated that "LATAM pays commissions to travel and tourism companies in Chile and even Aerolíneas Argentinas continues to pay commissions to travel agencies abroad. This shows a clear contradiction if we talk about promoting national companies. There are more than 5.000 travel agencies (SMEs in their vast majority) that give formal employment, generate development in our country and fulfill a useful task for airlines and for the benefit of the consumer "


(Traditional Travel Agencies, Online and Tour Operators).
The Latin American Tourism Forum brings together the main associations of Travel Agencies and tour operators from eleven countries of the continent from Mexico to the southern tip of America.

As a result of the CSR agreement signed between Amadeus, FAEVYT (Argentine Federation of Tourism and Tourism Business Associations) and to promote the employability of people with disabilities, nine beneficiaries from Buenos Aires completed the basic Amadeus course.



The objective of the agreement is to promote the educational development and labor integration of people with disabilities, which supports in Argentina.
Almost 450 potential candidates with disabilities responded to the call, after which made a preselection of 16. Finally, the Human Resources area of ​​Amadeus and interviewed and selected the nine final participants.
Before the training, organized an awareness workshop for Amadeus instructors on how to work with people with disabilities.
The training was carried out in'Institute of Higher Training in Tourism' (Ifset), an institute dependent on Faevyt.The participants received their diplomas certifying that they can operate the Amadeus system after successfully completing the training.
"The objective of this program is to promote inter-institutional cooperation in activities and projects that promote social and educational development and the labor integration of people with disabilities, thus improving educational support of a technological nature through Corporate Social Responsibility actions for their insertion in the travel industry. We are confident that this initiative will help improve the employability of the participants ", he pointed outRoberto Senestrari,Senior Advisor to VP Latin America & Caribbean.
On the other hand,Gabriel Marcolongo,CEO of Inclume.comHe added:"We are convinced that the collaboration with Faevyt and Amadeus will help both people with disabilities to get a job, and to which companies in the industry can learn the benefits of generating job inclusion.".
At the same time,Fabrizio Di GiambattistaofFaevytHe explained the importance of this program:"We believe that through the training and professionalization of people with disabilities we are contributing to the entire tourism sector. Through this program we benefit not only the companies themselves, but also their users, who receive attention from a supportive and diverse community ".
In addition, of the Amadeus course, four workshops were held"Soft Skills", with the aim of enhancing the skills for labor insertion: Teamwork, Time Management, Creativity and Innovation and Negotiation. These workshops were conducted by Accenture trainers, who have extensive experience in working with people with disabilities.
The intention of Amadeus is to organize a new course in the coming months, after observing the results obtained in this first experience. There is also the idea of ​​replicating this initiative in other countries, since is present in other markets in the region.
By last,Matías Solé,Sales manager of Amadeus ArgentinaHe expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative:"We are very proud to participate in a project as inclusive as this one. From Amadeus we promote inclusion through work. Therefore, we want to continue working in this direction, so that more and more people can grow together with Amadeus ".