We are pleased to announce that the Argentina Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism -FAEVYT- two years ago when acceded to the Covenant Association, supports the ten principles of the Global Compact on human rights, labor rights, environment and the fight corruption. We express our intent to support and implement these principles within our sphere of influence.

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Argentina memory 2014 the Global Compact Network UN

FAEVYT attended the "II World Summit of Presidents of Associations of Travel Agencies"

Fabrizio Di Giambattista, President of FAEVYT - Argentina Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism -, was present at the II World Summit of Presidents of Associations of Travel Agencies which this year took place in Croatia under the slogan 2020 Vision - Global Change and the Future of Travel Agencies.

The meeting, which involved more than 120 38 delegates from nations bringing together key union leaders told the world of tourism, among Latin American representatives, with the presence of authorities ABAV, ACHET, APAVIT and FAEVYT.

Fabrizio Di Giambattista stressed the importance of the event and referred to the signing of the Convention made by the World Tourism Organization's Code of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility; about it he said: "It is for us as Federation honored to be formalized, signed by, our compliance and incorporating the principles set out in the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. Since FAEVYT, as we have done for over 60 years AAAVYT we work defending and promoting the responsible and sustainable tourism and this is another step in this direction. "

Specific Agreement between the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and FAEVyT, "Argentina Bus Program"

In order to combine efforts and operational possibilities towards the continuous development of tourism, the concrete FAEVyT the signing of the Convention which will carry out the coordination and implementation in the market through a pool of members of the institution , promotional tour packages to different destinations in the country, which include fares: fares by bus, accommodation in different categories of hotels, transfers and excursions, as well as the dissemination of the program.

Agreement for cooperation and joint ventures for the implementation of a Control Plan licensees Travel Agencies and pseudo agencies, including the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and FAEVyT

Within the framework of collaboration and cooperation jointly with the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation signing this agreement was implemented in order to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations to ensure the protection Tourist / User rules for the purpose of generating a tourism development according to quality standards. To this end the FAEVyT through its Regional Partners will provide institutional support to facilitate the development of the inspectors who work in the various committees.