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An immense natural scenery distinguishes the Litoral region, which extends from northeastern Argentina. In this corner of the country, the great rivers, wetlands, wilderness covered with trees, with flora and fauna that give energy and live fully with all the senses are discovered. Immersed in the heart of the Coast, Chaco invites you to travel along its paths and learn through an entertaining tour of water, sky and earth, its secrets: from El Impenetrable, with its imposing nature, to the city of Resistencia, where culture it pulsates through historical corners and over 600 sculptures that can be seen in the open.

Impenetrable, green and mysterious ocean

In the Chaco forest, nature gives its welcome hand indigenous communities and to bring native crafts, ancient customs and indigenous music. The mixture of aromas of vegetation and the sounds of birds awaken the senses and mark the beginning of the adventure. Enjoy a navigation on the Bermejo River with the gentle flow of current relaxes the body and captivates the eye with a landscape of contrasting colors, where he found some yacaré sleeping on the shore and hundreds of birds flying in a flock. With the sunset the trails sounding crisp leaves that add to the echo of nocturnal animals. The plot becomes a giant among so many sounds, but remains calm under a starry sky infinitely.

More information: The gateway to the Impenetrable is Juan Jose Castelli, located 263 kilometers of Resistance and connected by paved roads. Hotel and restaurant features quality services. In addition, in other towns in the area there are places to stay and enjoy regional dishes using local produce. Among the activities available are: boat rides on the interfluvio of Bermejito and Bermejo rivers; visit to places of native and indigenous communities; horseback riding; bushwalks; photographic safaris; bird watching and many more activities that will provide full contact with nature and culture of this magical Chaco territory.

Campo del Cielo, which inhabits the universe

A calm air surrounding the Scientific and Heaven Park Education, witness a meteor shower occurred almost 5 thousand years ago. Connect with the history of the universe takes shape at every step and excitement grows as meteoric pieces are appearing. Star Park is the meteorite "Chaco", the world, amazes by its size and grandeur second largest. The world views of indigenous peoples are added to the walk and the stories of the rain of fire transported in time. The trip also includes a tour of the nearby to photograph them and finally understand the magnitude of the phenomenon that has front craters.

More information: The closest town to Campo del Cielo is Gancedo, located 312 kilometers of Resistance. There and in beautiful countryside - there Gancedo- 35 kilometers of lodging options and regional cuisine. In the Park can be made guided by craters and asteroids visits, tours of nature trails and bird watching, ideal for those looking to connect with nature and learn more about this mysterious only place in the world that houses the relics of a barrage of activities fire occurred thousands of years ago.

Chaco natural, colors and sounds show

Chaco in the vast field gives views of green and colorful flowers. There are plans for all take a walk or enjoy a ride, then try a delicious snack jacket. Throughout the Chaco territory there are many rural establishments, including highlights of General San Martin and Villa Angela, in the center of the province. One of the natural jewels of the province is the Chaco National Park with its vast variety of native flora and birdlife. To enter full contact with nothing better to venture into its natural surroundings trails and viewpoints. Just 24 kilometers of Resistance, in Colonia Benitez, Botany Capital of the province, the cool breeze and birdsong help slow the pace of the city. The calm becomes greater to reach nature reserves, where everything is discovery and harmony with the environment. In these various natural settings may be more than 400 species of birds that live in Chaco.

Further information: Throughout the Chaco territory there are several scenarios for avistaje: National Parks, State, ranches and nature reserves that continually receive thousands of fans who constantly recorded specimens of great difficulty spotting

Sabores del Chaco

Chaco invited on a journey through its flavors, recipes marked by indigenous communities, native and immigrant. Among ancient customs, Mount Impenetrable offers a kid stew accompanied by a dessert made of tuna and beautiful natural landscapes. In the center, the taste of Chacra holds memories and stories of immigrants. Once at the table sedate way to a select ground, where homemade sausages conquer the palate. While still anecdotes, freshly baked dessert accompanied by homemade liquor applause from all the guests takes. In the towns near the Rio everything tastes better under the trees and accompanied by the riverine breeze. The fish and manioc are the stars, always in perfect harmony with the stories and legends of this corner of the Coast.

Further information: The construction of the Chaco identity has been very complex because of its cultural diversity. This is also reflected in the cuisine, which has the distinction of having own dishes, closely linked to each region. The guaranítica influence on the Litoral, the contribution of European immigrants in the center and recipes of indigenous peoples in El Impenetrable, are some of the features that invite you to be carried away by pleasure and not deprive yourself to try new flavors. Therefore, whoever trespasses to know the "Sabores del Chaco", you will find unique, specially combined ingredients. Carob, mountain honey, passion fruit, fish, manioc, all stored inside a piece of Chaco.

golden hill challenge Island

The shore is the ideal place round dunks, while on the horizon the river and sky come together, creating a postcard magic. Cane in hand, the most anticipated moment is the boat to go fishing. The long-awaited gold not long in coming and the most exciting thing is the photo and return the fish to water. The walk continues up to the confluence of the Parana and Paraguay rivers. Upon arrival, the area impresses with its eddies, the strong current and the meeting of colors. The visual spectacle is wonderful: the water do not mix and give the impression of two different rivers running parallel to get lost in the horizon. On the shore, from the top, surrounded by lush trees, overlooks the chapel Virgen del Pilar, located in elevation that gives its name to the island, historical scene of fights and battles. Meanwhile, the evening gives way to the magical sunset to captivate lovers of the photographs and recorded in memory. Upon returning to camp the fire is lit, conversations and laughs continue as a bite is eaten and reeds for a varied coast fishing prepare until dawn.

More information: The Isla del Cerrito is known for having been the scene of the Paraguayan War, so many elements related to this historical fact are sheltered in the Island Regional Historical Museum Cerrito, a must for ride who arrive on the scene .

Art in the open in Resistencia

Resistance is a modern and cosmopolitan city that keeps its natural imprint. It is the National Capital of Sculptures and demonstrated at every step in the streets there are 615 works resulting from international sculpture competitions held every two years. The pedestrian and Plaza de Mayo 25 invited to visit the buildings around them, to learn a little history of each landmark. Marching becomes slow astonishment produced by each work of art that, as in a open-air museum, visitors stop to look closely, touch, read names and admire every detail. The tour continues through the Fogón de los Arrieros, difficult to describe to those who do not know. Its blend of art and bohemian tinges of latent culture in every nook and as from the sidewalk, striking colorful dog sculpture Fernando, a recognized star of the city of the early 50 a symbol of friendship turned to everyone in the area. The Museum of Man Chaqueño is ideal next stop. There, a host of elements close the history of the province. What is more surprising is the room Guarani mythology where it is known as the Pombero popular characters, the Pata of Lana, Lobizón and other beings that produce chills. In the afternoon, an option is to visit the museum, emblematic place every two years in July, the International Biennial Sculpture is made. There are as many works of more than 600 there in Resistencia. With the last rays of sun, gold brooch give it the dancing waters. Music, art and nature coexist in one place and radiate that mixture of elements that give life to the Chaco capital. The diverse offer of the National Capital of Sculptures also includes theater, film, dance, music, parks, museums, shopping and cultural centers, in addition to a busy schedule of activities and events that leave no room for boredom in this cradle avant-garde art. It only remains to choose a hostel (there are for all audiences) and arranged to sample the wonders of gastronomy, ranging from Creole cuisine to regional and international. So yes, to revive, because the city still has a lot to give.

Further information: The most important event of resistance and that became the "National Capital of Sculptures" is the International Sculpture Biennial, which will take place from July 16 23 to. It is a contest where sculptors from around the world to create public sculptural pieces which then adorn the city. It takes place at the Museum of Urban Sculpture World -MusEUM- where the largest number of works emplaced and where the stage is crowned with the Black River meet. Participants then attended the sculpture event in the town of Castelli to the Fourth Meeting of Sculptors Impenetrable, to be held from 26 2 July to August.

Relax and Wellness in Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña

Soft music and soothing aromas are in the thermal and just need to choose which service to enjoy first. The hot springs and flotario are preferred. Whirlpool and bubbles of the large heated pool tempt remain submerged hours. The relaxation is present from the first massage. The hot springs have high healing properties and benefits that are noticeable on the skin immediately after the first bath. This fountain of youth full of charms, can be combined with massage and beauty treatments. To continue with the care and welfare, place the bar offers meals and natural and healthy drinks. The city has hotels and restaurants in various categories to suit all kinds of expectations and there or nearby, there is much to do: from visiting the Municipal Ecological Park, to the famous Casa Cruz, known for its legends, say They include night noises of sulkys and gates. Thus, in the center chaqueño relaxation it is guaranteed, but also fun and leisure.

Further information: The hot springs at the complex are 100% natural and within its therapeutic properties are chronic rheumatism, arthritis and chronic arthritis, skin diseases, neuralgia and general weakness, among many other natural benefits. Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena is the second most populous city in the province of Chaco and is just 157 kilometers of Resistance, making it an ideal to be visited on a trip to the destination province.