The annual Congress of the Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Companies ended, after two intense days of networking, thematic workshops, conferences and sectoral management workshops.

The 45 edition of the Congress of Travel Agents FAEVYT was held in Mar del Plata with a record of attendees, 1209 participants said present in a meeting that, year after year, brings together the main references of the sector in Argentina.

Among the novelties it was confirmed that the 2020 Congress will be held in the city of Calafate; reaffirming the federal nature of the initiative.

During the second day, the central themes were: "The future of land transport under new regulations"; statistics of the sector with the presentation of the OEATUR Tourism Observatory; and the workshop on the benefits available to SMEs in the sector, along with the presentation of the simulator of travel agencies, so that graduates in tourism can make their first practices and so that the agencies that are already working can know and add new niches of business.

In addition, Guillermo Kohan - journalist and specialist in economics - spoke about the challenges before and after the elections. He made projections and declared that the "tourism sector together with the energy sector and the agroindustrial complex are today the most optimistic sectors in the country".

In the scope of the Congress was presented, in addition, the draft regulation of the decree of the Law of Travel Agents. In this regard Gustavo Hani, president of the Federation mentioned that "from FAEVYT we will continue working to make the voice of all the agents of the country heard. We are working with the Secretariat of Tourism of the Nation to propose all our proposals and needs, with the aim of - from this debate - the best possible decree for the travel agencies that are the engine of our activity.

Towards the end of the day, the lecturer Jonatan Loidi - specialist in the development of commercial areas - presented his dissertation "How to build an effective value proposition in travel and tourism agencies" and placed strong emphasis on the decision making of the client, in the power it has at the moment of choosing and in how the rules of the game change permanently and companies, whether micro, small, medium or large, must adapt to this.

At the end of the day the conclusions of the Congress were made with a strong coincidence in the importance of the meeting as a framework of exchange for the sector and a meeting point to be linked with the novelties that, within each area - financing, commercialization, profitability, communication, regulatory news, etc. - Influence travel and tourism agencies.