Who should attend the event

entrepreneurs and
and Managers
Responsible for Sales,
Product, Operations,
RRRHH Administration
Responsable of
Marketing and publicity
Advanced students majoring in Tourism

What have they said who already attended the CAF

Santiago cravero

"The CAF is undoubtedly one of the most important professional meetings tourism year. Not only is the moment of encounter of travel agents and other industry players, but is a key to listen to experts, learn about trends, discuss what is happening and take ideas, space. "

Intriper Travel Media
Juan Pablo Varsky

"Having participated in the Congress was a very pleasant experience, not only because it is a world that know my interest in traveling and plan my trips; also because I found interesting dilemma between reinvent themselves or die, the preserve basic and classic things, but the face of fierce renewed threat of great players, bailing the craft spirit.

many things to know in a world super-interested me because I travel, I like to plan and experience to learn more tourism beyond my interests and I found seductive look from the beginning. I found more than what I was going to look, I liked the contrast between reinvent themselves or die, to preserve basic and classic things, but the face of fierce renewed threat of very large players, rescue craft spirit. That's what I liked, I enjoyed it. "

Luis Eduardo Outeiral

"The CAF 2015 was for me very productive, entertaining and a very successful theme. The panelists were well chosen, in line with the time of the country and the industry and the audience was participatory and proactive questions. I enjoyed it and I took a lot halftime to make a fruitful networking and developed contacts with whom I am working now.

Without doubt it is widely paid and give my present again this year in Chaco. "

Federico Esper

"The CAF 2015 was very interesting to learn about new trends in the tourism market, transmitting knowledge and key tools for travel agents to improve their business and guide their strategies in an increasingly complex and competitive environment event."