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La Corporate Social Responsibility Committee From AVIABUE Informs that it has received several proposals from its partners, where they recommended educational establishments, canteens and low-income households, where people go through food problems, in order to carry out solidarity actions.

In this regard, we would like to inform you that the CSR Commission will start by Oratorio Las Tosquitas, Due to the serious situation that this place crosses.

The following is a brief summary of the establishment:

El Oratorio Las Tosquitas Takes its name for the neighborhood in which it is. It is a very needy neighborhood of the city of Lobos, and the living conditions in many cases are very precarious. (There is no gas connection in the neighborhood, they do not have toilets in most homes, many do not have flats, but they have been improvised by themselves, many do not have a water tank, there are still houses of veneer and Overcrowding).

The Oratory works only on Saturdays, in a "shed" that belongs to the parish Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Lobos. The working group in general is made up of young people between 16 and 30 years. And those who attend are the children of the neighborhood until 14 / 15 years.

The activities that are carried out are: to give the breakfast, to share games with the boys, to make a small catechesis and to serve the lunch to them.

Beyond all the economic deficiency that families may have, the children are mainly provided with restraint and time.

For the foregoing, in future releases, we will be informing how we can help them and make them participate in this solidarity action.

In addition, we invite all the people who want to join and help, to send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or by telephone to 5237-4040

Visa China - Important Information

According to what is communicated today by the Consulate of China, we inform that from the 15 day of June, all type L Visas of Tourism and Business M will be granted with multiple entries valid for 10 years only, Leaving the single entry unchanged for 3 months and double entry for 6 months.

This applies only to those passengers traveling by Tourism and Business; The rest of the categories will be able to opt for the amount of entries that they wish and will continue presenting the requirements already in force.

The cost for all Argentine Passports, regardless of the reason for travel or the number of tickets will be $2400.

Foreign Passports are exempt from this new agreement.

Attached is information with the new requirements to be submitted by interested parties applying Visa L or M, which must be met Without exceptionsFrom the day of the date

Download this file (VISA CHINA .pdf)VISA CHINA .pdf[]345 kB

Sustainable XII Congress Int. And Religious Tourism


Act apewrtura the XII International Congress of Religious Tourism and Sustainable with the words of the Governor of Cordoba, Secretary of Tourism of the Nation and the President of the Cordoba Tourism Agency


FAEVyT present in ATACALAR 2016 - Chile

We participated in the meeting where the agreement with Chile for paving Paso San Francisco, fundamental to tourism and trade integration was signed.

It was attended by the governors of Catamarca, La Rioja and Tucuman, among other provinces, and Chilean mayors. As well as presidents and representatives of tourism organizations.


FAEVYT present in the Chamber of Deputies of Ushuaia

The 13 October Hernán Quesada, President of FAEVYT Regional Tierra del Fuego, participated with deputies and provincial authorities, concerning municipal and chambers of the tourism sector, the meeting that took place in the tourism commission of the Chamber of Deputies Ushuaia, to pose clear requirements for the area, such as paving the path 3 in the national park, port issues and treatment of the law travel agency, among other issues of interest.

Worktable to shore summer in the Buenos Aires coast

Meeting at Casa Rosada:

Worktable to shore summer in the Buenos Aires coast.


MINTUR, the Buenos Aires government, mayors of the municipalities of the Atlantic Coast and the private sector, and union agreed to create a working group facing the summer season. Businessmen pledged to "make their best efforts" to present a competitive and affordable supply. For its part, the Ministry -through the table interministerial- coordination, the provincial government and municipalities promised to increase security measures and taking action to promote the destination.

AEVYT participated by MAR DEL PLATA AND SOUTHEAST. Mr. Gustavo Hani and Lic. Nolberto Pezzati


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