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Economic activity:

The Monthly Estimator of Economic Activity, which measures the behavior of the economy, showed in May an increase of 3,3% in May relation of 2016. There were growths in 13 of the 15 sectors of Economic Activity. The tourism sector grew more than the average of the economy. The Transport and Telecommunications sector, where Travel Agencies are located, had a growth of 5,2%. Whereas the activity of Hotels and Restaurants showed a year-on-year increase of 5,75%. (Source INDEC).

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Economic Report OEA.TUR

Economic Brief OEA.TUR

The Economic Observatory of Travel Agencies and Tourism of Argentina, made a complete economic report with the most outstanding items, among which the Economic Activity, Competitiveness, Currency and Inflation.

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The inaugural event of the 3X edition of FIATUR 2017, a space constituted for the exchange of experiences, and the feasibility of projects, businesses and activities in the Andean region, in the short, medium and long term, was carried out.

The 2017 International Tourism Fair (FIATUR) will be held until June 30 in San Salvador de Jujuy, allowing the construction of an active network among the tourism sector, seeking to develop and promote tourism practices in the territories of Bolivia, Peru, northern Chile, northern Argentina and Ecuador.

The inaugural event was headed by the governor, Gerardo Morales; The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Carlos Oehler; The secretary of Regional Integration and International Relations, Carlos Toconás; The president of the Federal Council of Tourism, Mariano Ovejero; The mayor of the Capital, Raul Jorge; The president of the Organizing Committee of FIATUR, Hugo Ovando; Provincial and municipal officials.

In that context, the President stated that "we want to continue betting on this integration meeting, working in the same direction, although each province and each region has its own challenges; In our case we have a work and development agenda, including the airport, the train, infrastructure, training and development, which does not prevent us from articulating. "

"In the region we have important tourist circuits that we must make available to the world, NOA is a destination of excellence, as is the north of Chile, Bolivia and Peru, so we are united with common goals and challenges, so we must improve our Ability to organize and work in the same direction, "Morales said.

Carlos Oehler, considered that "this edition of FIATUR marks a growth of this proposal that initially included the private sector of Jujuy, which was later joined by different tour operators from northern Chile, southern Bolivia, Peru, between others. FIATUR is generating a noise in the region that is increasing interest in trying to unite us, developing joint policies, services and opportunities, which contributes to that dream of transforming us into the gateway to the Andean world. "

For his part, the president of the organizing committee of FIATUR thanked the constant support given by the provincial government and public and private institutions, noting that "Jujuy is taking the first steps to start working together, including all sectors, So we will be able to enjoy three successful days of work and exchange. "

CAME organizes the National Rural Tourism Forum

The Tourism Sector of the Argentine Confederation of the Medium-sized Enterprise (CAME), together with the Federation of Shopping Centers of the Province of Santa Fe (FECECO) and the Center of Industry, Commerce and Affinities of Hope (CICAE), invites National Forum of Rural Tourism, The Friday July 7,In the CICAE building, Province of Santa Fe, starting at 9 hours.


The space will have among its objectives:

  • Promote the sustainable development of rural tourism, strengthening its history, identity and regional economies.
  • Generate ideas and business projects based on linking regional production and trade with tourism.
  • Build, through the production spaces and the identity of each town and region, attractive offers that provide a memorable experience to tourists and visitors.
  • To develop the tourist and recreational potential of the communities, promoting new sources of employment and the development of new enterprises.

For inscriptions, please click here.

AVIABUE CSR Commission



La Corporate Social Responsibility Committee From AVIABUE Informs that it has received several proposals from its partners, where they recommended educational establishments, canteens and low-income households, where people go through food problems, in order to carry out solidarity actions.

In this regard, we would like to inform you that the CSR Commission will start by Oratorio Las Tosquitas, Due to the serious situation that this place crosses.

The following is a brief summary of the establishment:

El Oratorio Las Tosquitas Takes its name for the neighborhood in which it is. It is a very needy neighborhood of the city of Lobos, and the living conditions in many cases are very precarious. (There is no gas connection in the neighborhood, they do not have toilets in most homes, many do not have flats, but they have been improvised by themselves, many do not have a water tank, there are still houses of veneer and Overcrowding).

The Oratory works only on Saturdays, in a "shed" that belongs to the parish Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Lobos. The working group in general is made up of young people between 16 and 30 years. And those who attend are the children of the neighborhood until 14 / 15 years.

The activities that are carried out are: to give the breakfast, to share games with the boys, to make a small catechesis and to serve the lunch to them.

Beyond all the economic deficiency that families may have, the children are mainly provided with restraint and time.

For the foregoing, in future releases, we will be informing how we can help them and make them participate in this solidarity action.

In addition, we invite all the people who want to join and help, to send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or by telephone to 5237-4040

Visa China - Important Information

According to what is communicated today by the Consulate of China, we inform that from the 15 day of June, all type L Visas of Tourism and Business M will be granted with multiple entries valid for 10 years only, Leaving the single entry unchanged for 3 months and double entry for 6 months.

This applies only to those passengers traveling by Tourism and Business; The rest of the categories will be able to opt for the amount of entries that they wish and will continue presenting the requirements already in force.

The cost for all Argentine Passports, regardless of the reason for travel or the number of tickets will be $2400.

Foreign Passports are exempt from this new agreement.

Attached is information with the new requirements to be submitted by interested parties applying Visa L or M, which must be met Without exceptionsFrom the day of the date

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