PIM System - Banco Nación


From the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services have reported that the National Bank of Argentina, since the 5 of September, put into operation the system Pim, consisting of a mobile wallet service.

Said system aims to discourage the use of cash and, in addition, can be accessed without having a bank account or have internet access. To credit money in this wallet, users will be able to use the Rapipago, Pago Fácil and Red Link ATM machines. In turn, through these terminals also have the option to withdraw cash.

In order to use this service, all those older than 18 years old who have any type of cell phone (from the Smart 4G to the 2G technology) must register and at the time of registration create their personal password. For their part, businesses must activate only with their CUIT number.

It should be mentioned that charging through the system Pim has no cost to trade, so you should not be charged a charge or commission to the consumer for payment with such a system. In addition, there are no charges for maintenance of the service.

For more information, you can access the official page through the following link: www.pim.com.ar, entering the tab for stores.

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