Regional ASEAVYT - 60º Tourism Workshop



The past 27 of September was the 60 edition of the Meeting of Tourism Marketing, organized by the Association Santafesina and Entrerriana of Travel Agencies and Tourism, ASEAVYT, Regional of the Zona LITORAL that integrates the FAEVYT.

This special edition was attended by 70 Exhibitors from the public and private sector, which belong to the tourist activity, the International Tourism Day was celebrated with a Lunch for the Exhibitors, within the Program of the event.

The opening act was warmly welcomed by the President of the institution, Mrs. Andrea Salomón, accompanied by the directors Martin De Luca and Marcelo Gimenez. We have the presence of the Secretary of Tourism of the Province of Santa Fe, Mr. Martín Bulos, the Provincial Director of Tourism, Mr. Franco Arone, the President of SAFETUR, Prof. Claudia Neil, and the Minority Travel Agents to the jurisdiction, a total of 400 people.

In a new space, Halls of the Port of Dique II - FIRENZE and ALTOS DEL DIQUE points ideal for the renovation of these 30 years of Workshops and making own the words of the UNWTO World Tourism Organization in this year 2017, with the motto "El Sustainable tourism as an instrument of development ".

Regional Mendoza


The Regional continues to hold monthly meetings, in relation to the subcommittees that our partners have formed:Promotion, Wine Tourism and High Range, Emissive and Student Tourism and Legal Affairs, all designed to encourage the development of the activity in a responsible and active way.

Regional Mendoza - World Wine Conference

UNWTO, as the main international organization in the tourism sector, advocates tourism that contributes to theeconomic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability, and offers leadership and support to the sector to expand its tourism knowledge and policies throughout the world.

The city ofMendoza, capital of the province that produces 70% of Argentina's wines, hosted the second edition of the World Wine Tourism Conference, promoted by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), held on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 of September.

In the Ángel Bustelo Auditorium attended by almost half thousand participants and experts in the sector of countries asU.S.A.SpainItalyBrazil y Chile, as well asJapanIndia y Morocco.

During the two days work sessions were scheduled in the localities of the area where activities of oenological tourism are realized, and the participants were able to delve into the topics addressed at the conference, interact and exchange ideas.

AEVYT Mar del Plata - Job Fair

AEVYT MAR DEL PLATA Y SUDESTE was present at the Youth Employment Fair at the NH Hotel Provincial on 28 and 29 on September 2017, organized by the Ministry of Labor of the Nation. It was a very interesting opportunity to bring aspirants to jobs in the Travel Agency Sector, with the job searches of our partner agencies, through our LABOR BAG.


Regional AEVYT Mar del Plata - Talk Line of Credits

03 / 10 / 17 took place the EXCLUSIVE TALK FOR CORPORATE AGENCIES on CREDIT LINES AVAILABLE TO SMES OF THE TRAVEL AGENCIES SECTOR by Fernando Muro, of Production Houses of the Ministry of Production of the Nation.

The talk revealed the financing possibilities, programs, tools and specific lines for SMEs applicable to the travel agencies sector, which can be used for various purposes: working capital, web pages, training courses, among others.

It was attended by a large number of agencies interested in these tools, who interacted with the professional to receive advice and consult their concerns.

Regional AAVYTLAP - Training

The AAVYTLAP Regional carries out an AMADEUS course every month, the training room has 8 machines available so that the students can count on the necessary amenities when it comes to taking the course.

The Travel Agencies have a bonus of 50% in the course fee.


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